Always mention Meaning in English with Examples

Always mention Meaning in English:

“Always mention” is a phrase often used to emphasize the importance of acknowledging or bringing attention to something in various contexts. It suggests that the mentioned thing should be consistently acknowledged or referenced whenever relevant.

Here are some examples of how “always mention” can be used and its meaning in different contexts:

  1. Academic Writing: In academic writing, it is crucial to acknowledge the sources of information or ideas used in a paper. “Always mention” in this context would mean that whenever you use someone else’s work, whether it’s a direct quote, paraphrase, or idea, you must cite it properly to give credit to the original author or source. Failure to do so could lead to accusations of plagiarism
    • Example: In an academic essay discussing the effects of climate change, you might write, “It is important to always mention the contributions of scientists like Dr. Jane Smith in raising awareness about climate change.”
  2. Social Media and Networking: On social media platforms or in networking situations, “always mention” could refer to tagging or mentioning relevant individuals or organizations in your posts or comments. This practice can help increase visibility, foster engagement, and give credit where it’s due
    • Example: When sharing a photo from a networking event on LinkedIn, you might write, “Had a great time discussing industry trends with @JohnDoe and @XYZCompany. Always important to mention the amazing connections made at events like these!”
  3. Customer Service and Communication: In customer service interactions or professional communication, “always mention” could indicate the need to address specific points, concerns, or details consistently to ensure clarity and transparency.
    • Example: In an email response to a customer complaint, you might write, “Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will always mention your feedback in our discussions to improve our products and services.”
  4. Public Speaking and Presentations: In public speaking engagements or presentations, “always mention” might mean highlighting key points, references, or acknowledgments consistently throughout the speech to reinforce their importance or relevance.
    • Example: During a presentation on workplace diversity, you might say, “It’s crucial to always mention the contributions of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and creativity within organizations.”
  5. Creative Writing and Storytelling: In creative writing or storytelling, “always mention” could refer to incorporating recurring motifs, themes, or symbols throughout a narrative to add depth and coherence to the story.
    • Example: In a novel about friendship and loyalty, the author might weave in the phrase “always mention” as a mantra shared between the main characters, symbolizing their commitment to always acknowledging each other’s support and presence.

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