At Dawn Meaning, Pronunciation, Examples (in English)

At Dawn Meaning:

“At Dawn” is a phrase used to describe the time of day when the sun begins to rise, marking the transition from night to day. It signifies the moment when the sky begins to lighten, and the first rays of sunlight appear on the horizon. This period is characterized by a soft, gentle light that gradually illuminates the landscape, bringing a sense of renewal and hope as a new day begins.

At Dawn Pronunciation:

  • /æt dɔːn/ (at dawn)

At Dawn Examples:

  1. “The birds chirped softly at dawn, welcoming the new day.”
    • In this example, “at dawn” emphasizes the specific time when the birds started chirping, indicating the early morning hours.
  2. “We set out on our journey at dawn, eager to make the most of the daylight ahead.”
    • Here, “at dawn” indicates the time when the journey began, suggesting an early start to take advantage of the daylight hours.
  3. “The stars faded into the dawn as the sky turned a pale shade of blue.”
    • This sentence illustrates the transition from night to day, with “at dawn” marking the moment when the stars disappear and the sky starts to change color.
  4. “She found solace in the quiet moments spent alone at dawn, reflecting on the day ahead.”
    • In this example, “at dawn” highlights a peaceful and contemplative time when one can gather their thoughts and prepare for the day ahead.

At dawn” carries a sense of tranquility and possibility, symbolizing a fresh start and the potential for new beginnings. It is a poetic expression often used in literature, music, and art to evoke feelings of serenity, anticipation, and the beauty of the natural world.

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