What is Domain Name, How do domains work, Types of Domain? Domain Beginners Full Information Guide 2021

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Domain Name | Domain | What is Domain | How do domains work | How to Find Best Domain | Types of Domain | different between Web Hosting and domain | Domain Name System | DNS | How to Buy a Domain Name | Domain Name FAQs

Domain |≈Domain Name : People working in the field of web development should know – what is a domain name and how do domains work? If you want to work in the field of web development or start a website, then you must have heard that to build a website you need a domain. After all, what is a domain or what is a Domain Name and how does a Domain Name work?

Beginners working in the field of web development get confused between the website hosting service provider and the domain name, if you don’t know about the Internet, it may seem technical to you.

In this post we will tell you what is Domain Name? By reading this post, you will get the information of the Domain Name, as well as you can choose the Best Domain Name for your website.

In this post, we will give you the following information related to the Domain /≈domain name:

  • What is Domain? /≈What is Domain Name?
  • How do domains work?
  • Different between Web Hosting and Domain Name?
  • Types of Domain?
  • Who is responsible for the domain name system (DNS)?
  • How to Choose a Best Domain Name?
  • How to Buy a Best Domain Name?
  • Domain Name Frequently Asked Question?

What is a Domain or Domain Name?

Domain Name Definition : A domain name is the address of a website, which can be accessed by typing in the browser’s URL bar.

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In simple words :👉 you can consider your website to be a home, then the domain name is the address of that home. Just as anyone can reach you by knowing your home address, similarly anyone can access that website by knowing the domain name.

Domain Technical Description

As you all know, the Internet is a huge collection of information. In today’s time, the information of the entire world is present in the Internet. all the computers and mobiles of the world are connected to the Internet. The Internet connects one computer or mobile between another computer or mobile, so that information can be exchanged.

Different IP addresses are provided to all devices to identify computers or mobiles connected to Internet. IP Address is a series of numbers that identify a device connected to the Internet.

A typical IP address looks like this :

There are many types of IP addresses, such as IPv4 and IPv6. In today’s time, there are slightly complex IP addresses. If we search “My IP Address” on Google, we will see this type of IP Address – “1769: 2090: 2de6: 6104: a73: 9520: 4b8d: fa5d”. (This type of IP address is the public IP address of our device.)

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Similarly, all websites also have their own IP address, from which that website can be accessed. But it is very difficult to remember the IP address. Think for yourself if you had to use an IP address to visit a website, how would you remember it?

Domain Name was invented to solve the IP recall problem. So that the website can be accessed even without an IP address.

Access to websites became easier after the invention of the domain name. Now a website on the Internet requires only its domain name to search. You do not need an IP address to access the website.

Instead of IP address, you can now access that website with Domain Name. For example, our domain name is ‘‘.

As soon as you type ‘’ in the address bar of the browser and press enter, within a few seconds you will reach the website of ‘’.

How do domains work?

Before you learn about how do domains work, look at the diagram below and learn what exactly happens.

What is Domain Name, How do domains work, Types of Domain
What is Domain Name, How do domains work, Types of Domain : Image ©

When you press Enter after typing a domain name in the Browser Address Bar, the first request from the browser is sent to ‘Global Network Servers‘. These ‘Global Network Servers‘ control the DNS (‘Domain Name System’) of all domains.

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Next, these ‘Global Network Servers‘ search ‘Name Servers’ associated with the domain and send requests to them.

Let us understand this with an example:

Suppose your website is hosted on Hostinger, then the name server of the domain associated with your website will look like this:


These ‘Name Servers‘ provided by Hostinger for your domain / website are managed by the super computer of your Hosting Company “Hostinger”.

After receiving a request for a ‘name server’, the hosting company sends the request to the computer on which your website stores. These computers are called web servers. Special software for website and data management are installed in web servers, such as – Apache, Negnex (both are popular web servers software).

After this, the web server receives the data of the stored website and sends it to the browser. The website opens in the user’s browser only after the web server sends the data.

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