How to Earn Money from VidStatus in 2022

Earn Money From VidStatus : There are many different ways of earning money in the internet world, whether it is by earning money online or through an application. Today on the Google Play Store, you will find many such apps that offer you tasks according to your interest and in return, give you a chance to earn money.

Today we will learn about an application that allows us to share WhatsApp Status and provides PayTM Cash. The name of this special application is “VidStatus“. Perhaps you must have heard about this application before, used it and maybe you will also know about it. But if you do not know about it, then in today’s article I will try to give you complete information about it and tell what is VidStatus, and how to earn money from VidStatus?

Earn Money From VidStatus

If you become a VidStatus Creator and enable your Monetisation, then after that you will be given Reward Coins on each of your videos through the App which you can convert into PayTM Cash. To Earn These Coins, You Have To Post Videos On Your Channel Daily.

Earn Money From VidStatus
Earn Money From VidStatus

If you do not know how to become VidStatus Creator, then read carefully. I have told you below how you can become a VidStatus Creator and enable your Monetisation.

How much VidStatus pay for Coins

VidStatus gives Rs 1 to its creator for 1000 coins. Below I have explained its Revenue model.

  • 1000 Coins == 1 Rs
  • 10000 Coins == 10 Rs
  • 100000 Coins == 100 Rs
  • 1000000 Coins == 1,000 Rs
  • 10000000 Coins == 10,000 Rs

Hope you have understood the revenue model of VidStatus very well.

VidStatus Gives Coins on Videos Views but How

How many coins VidStatus will give you depends on your content i.e. video. There are different factors for this, which are as follows:

  • Is your video original or not?
  • Which thumbnail have you selected i.e. cover photo.
  • Whether you have used any watermark or logo in your video.
  • How many clicks are getting on your video?
  • How many people are liking your video.

Considering all these factors, VidStatus rewards its creator with coins.

How to become a creator in VidStatus?

It is very easy to become a creator in this app. If you post videos daily, then after a few days you can apply for creator. If your videos are original and users like them, then VidStatus Team will approve you as creator. After that you can earn money from VidStatus app.