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Attitude : There are two types of attitudepositive attitude and negative attitude, on the basis of good and bad. Therefore, it is not right to understand attitude only for negativity.

Our thinking behind the success of any work depends on our attitude towards that work. Or rather it depends on our point of view. How we see that work is the reason for our success and failure. Similarly, for our good career, it is necessary that we determine our attitude towards it at the time of our beginning.


Everything is not just planning your career. If we do not adopt our positive attitude towards it with a career plan, then this mistake will weaken our career plan and we will not be able to reach our goal. To succeed in any career, it is necessary that we understand the importance of positive attitude towards it.

What is Attitude ?

It is the attitude that helps you move through the difficulties. We take too much stress. Think about what others will say or consider themselves small. All these things dominate us.

We face all our problems, but we cannot run away from our problems. She will still remain the same. The most important thing is how do we deal with all these problems.

When we develop our attitude, even difficult times are not bad. You need to know what is the attitude? What qualities should a person have for attitude?

Attitude is a psychological emotion. Attitude is the emotional and mental entity of a human being, which a person inherits. We can also call attitude as a human characteristic.

A person’s attitude is believed to be the predetermined position of that person. That is, a person becomes his perspective by looking at the place, time, event, it is his attitude. The attitude of any person is formed by the events and experiences of his present and past.

Attitude Definition

Attitude DefinitionAttitude is the feeling of a person, which is formed by his experience. Attitude can also be called the predetermined psychological feeling of a person. Which is the result of a person’s experience. The perception that a person makes by observing time, situation, events is called Attitude of that person.

Characteristics of Attitude

Characteristics of AttitudeAttitude is the psychological state or tendency before behaviour. Now the question arises whether other such states or tendencies such as habit, interests, traits and basic motivators should also be given the names of attitudes. The answer is yes. Attitude is a different tendency from all these characteristics.

Characteristics of Attitude
Characteristics of Attitude

The following features will help in understanding the Characteristics of Attitude :

  1. In Attitudes, a person-object relationship is found – the Attitudes made towards any particular object, person, group, institution, value or belief makes it clear how the person is related to all of them.
  2. Attitudes are earned : no attitude is innate, acquired through experiences available in the environment. On this basis, the trends can be distinguished from the original motivations. Take ‘hunger’ for example, which is an inherent tendency. It is not learned while our inclination towards a particular type of food takes the form of an attitude as an acquired tendency.
  3. Attitudes are relatively permanent states of readiness : a person’s natural readiness towards something or a person known as an attitude is very permanent. There is not so much stability in the nature of the original motives. Hunger and arousal readiness ends with need fulfilment, while the attraction to the wife’s affinity remains even after gratification of libido.
  4. Motivational-dominant trait is found in attitudes : a motivator has a hand in the development of attitudes, whereas it is not necessary in other trends like habit. For example, if we take the habit of writing directly by hand, then it cannot be considered to be associated with any motivational effect. On the other hand, any definite motivational effect can be fully evident in the attitudes towards our family, nation, religion and other sacred and prestigious institutions.
  5. The number of attitudes is unlimited according to the corresponding stimuli : the area and nature of the pattern is very wide. Expressions cause a person to react to a particular stimulus. There will be different types of stimuli, so there will be different attitudes so that appropriate responses can be expressed. There is also a circumstantial modification or change in sentiments. For this reason too, there is much more flexibility in their appearance. It is therefore true that observations are as unlimited as related stimuli and situations.
  6. The spread of the frequencies extends from purely positive to completely negative : Both direction and outcome are found in the trend. When a person is attracted to something or an idea and wants to get it, the direction of his attitude is considered positive and if he wants to get away from it, the direction of approach is called negative. Along with direction, intensity of emotions is also associated with attitudes, which indicate how positive or negative the trend is.

Types of Attitude

Here we are going to tell you about types of attitude. If you want to know about types of attitude, then read the information below. Attitude is an emotion as you know, and emotions can be both good and bad.

So There are 2 types of Attitude based on good or bad feelings.

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Negative Attitude

Components of Attitude

Attitude consists of several components. The component of Attitude is given below. Attitudes are also classified as components.

  1. Emotional component
  2. Behavioural component
  3. Cognitive component

Emotional component or Emotional Attitude : Components of Attitude

1st Components of Attitude – Emotion is an aspect in a person’s life that accompanies him in his good and bad deeds. The person makes most decisions based on emotion. He helps someone emotionally, or hates someone with a wrong feeling.

In human mind, emotions take an important role and develop the path in his life. And the same sentiment determines the person’s Attitude. The attitude will be the same as the feelings are in the mind.

Behavioural component or Behavioural Attitude : Components of Attitude

2nd Components of Attitude : A person’s Attitude makes the person’s perspective clear. Practical man is praised everywhere. What should be the attitude? It can be estimated only by meeting any person by looking at his behaviour.

Cognitive component or Cognitive Attitude : Components of Attitude

3rd Components of Attitude : We will also connect the cognitive component to the person’s perspective because we will learn the same way. Cognitive component of any belief behaviour or any thing associated with an object is called.

Attitude formation or formation of attitude

There are several reasons for attitude formation. Information about how Attitude formation occurs in a person is given below. Attitude formation occurs in a person by combining all of the following things.

Having stylish hair or wearing expensive clothes does not create an attitude. The human attitude is representative of many things. Let’s know, because of the Attitude formation :

Stay Motivated : Attitude formation

Having a positive attitude gives you motivation for your Goal. Because of positive attitude, you can succeed in your dream. Motivation pushes you forward and keeps Energetic at the same time. This also helps in solving the problem.

Do not worry : formation of attitude

In today’s time, worrying has become part of our life. We are all disturbed by it. When you accept that this problem is part of our life, then our tension is reduced to a great extent.

You take unnecessary extra stress when you worry about something that is not in your hands. Then you realise that there was no problem at all.

Stay updated : Attitude formation

It is very important to be updated to make attitude. What is happening in the world When you are asked something like this, you should always be ready to tell. It shows your smartness.

Because of this, you can collect your impressions anywhere and in life you will also get the support of good friends.

Be stubborn : formation of attitude

Maintain your faith. Failure is only part of success. Get out of your comfort zone, because you won’t get anything out of it.

It is the struggle that helps us improve our life. If we make mistakes, then only then they will be able to improve and in life we will get to learn something. So you have to be stubborn for your work.

Create your own ideas : Attitude formation

It happens many times in group discussions that many people do not speak, because they are afraid that others will listen to them and if they say something wrong then everyone will think that they do not know about it.

Remove this fear from inside you. Speak at least once during each group discussion so that you will gradually become good times. You will be able to express your thoughts effectively and your inner confidence will increase.

Be fond of good things : formation of attitude

If you want to create a different attitude among people, then you should keep one of your hobbies which is different and unique. Your hobby will make you different and will make your attitude different.

Wear nice clothes : Attitude formation

Although clothes do not make any attitude, clothes have some effect. If you meet people with wearing nice clothes, then there is a feeling in you and people also keep an eye on you. This kind of feeling increases the confidence in you and you can talk to people with confidence.

Attitude Career Guide

Try these three ideals in your Attitude/perspective and see your success

For your work you can set your ideals as attitude, which will always guide you to achieve the goal. You can set the following three ideals as your attitude towards career.

Pride for attitude making

Although it is a complex word, it should be taken as your self-respect, not as an ego. Only then will you be able to make your work worth doing. Anyway, there is a very fine layer between pride and boasting.

Passion for attitude making

It is not wise to accept any career due to a slight desire. By doing this, you will not be able to prove yourself in that career nor will you be promoted in that difficult period.

To go further and further in the career, it is necessary to have strong desire, interest. Your passion for your work can give you immense success in that area. This will keep your enthusiasm for work full time.

Strong faith or believe for attitude making

It is necessary to believe in yourself and your deep faith in this passion for work. If you have set some standards in life and believe in your success than you will grow with passion and passion towards your goal.

You have to have complete confidence in yourself that you can do this job well and there is no shortage of talent in you. Your thinking will lead you to the goal you dreamed of.

What does Attitude depend on?

Actually, Attitude means react, how you are reacting to things. If something good is happening to you, how you are reacting to it and if something bad is happening to you, then how you are reacting to it depends on your attitude.

In normal life, we see people around us saying that it is showing us too much attitude, if a girl shows us too much attitude, then today let us tell you that attitude is not a negative thing. The view is very positive thing depends on how we are accepting it.

There are many things in our everyday life that we cannot resist. We cannot stop someone from doing our evil, but if someone is doing our evil to us, then how will we react to him, his words depends on us. It has its own control. So we say that attitude depends on how to maintain yourself in this situation.

The success of each person depends on his / her decision, decision ability and decision ability, only on your experiences and experience which has failed. So we should never be afraid of failure. Because failure is behind our success. Our vision moves towards success only after failure. Therefore, we should take this unsuccessful attitude as positivity and move towards success.

Conclusion of Attitude

Attitude plays an important role in a person’s life and we have come to know this through the whole article. Attitude is never negative. Our thinking complicates it in these two aspects, positive and negative.

Attitude occurs in every person. Provided how we feel. It is not our job to speculate on someone’s thinking, on someone’s point. We can control our thinking, our work, not the other, that is, we can change our perspective, not others.

Therefore, always keep one’s attitude positive and enjoy life with confidence and live life. A person’s perspective is related to his abstract idea and imagination.

Hope you all readers get this article “What is Attitude?” Would have liked and you all understand the true meaning of attitude in your life. I apologise if I have made any mistake. How did you like the article, do not forget to comments. And be sure to subscribe to stay connected with us.

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