Happy Birthday Prayer for Friend : GirlFriend & BoyFriend

Happy Birthday Prayer for a Friend : Friend’s birthday is special for us. To make a friend’s birthday memorable, we give them gifts and wishes. On this special day we also pray for him.

If you are looking for prayer for your friend’s birthday, then we have created the best “Happy Birthday Prayer to a Friend” collection for you, which you can use.

If you want to make a friend’s birthday special, then use the “Birthday Prayer for a Friend” below.

Happy Birthday Prayer for Friend

On the auspicious occasion of friend, girlfriend or boyfriend birthday, thank God with special birthday prayers and religious birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Prayer for Friend
Happy Birthday Prayer for Friend

On the auspicious occasion of the birthday of your loved ones like Friend, GirlFriend or Boyfriend, you give wishes and celebrate the Birthday Party. But you forget the main task of thanking God.

birthday prayer for a friend || happy birthday prayer to a friend

You must thank God for giving a cute – Friend, GirlFriend or Boyfriend. For this, we have created a collection of the best happy birthday prayer, which you can use.

Happy Birthday Prayer for Friend

Birthday Prayer for Friend : You can use these best prayer to thank God on the occasion of a friend’s birthday and to sing during a birthday party. Use these beautiful happy birthday prayers for your friend birthday.

“Today I Ask God To Bless You
With Every Kind Of Joy On Your Birthday And Always!
Happy Birthday!!”

“Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday, My Dear!!
May God Make His Heavenly Face Shine On You
On This Special Day Of Yours And All The Days Of Your Life!!”

“My Only Prayer On Your Special Day
Is For Your Life To Be Filled
With The Wonder And Glory Of His Abiding Love!!”

“Happy Birthday!
May God Surprise You With Things You Have Always Wanted!
Have A Blast!!”

“The Almighty God Is Your Keeper
And Your Great Rewarder,
He Will Always Make A Way For You As You Grow Older!!
I Pray That Your Birthday Continue
To Mark A Significant Time In Your Life!!

“I Pray That God Will Fill You With Peace & Happiness,
And That Divine Peace & Joy
Will Follow You Now & Always!
Have A Blessed & Fun Day!!”

“May God Bless You Today On Your Birthday
And Every Day After!!
May You Be Comforted
By His Presence In Your Life,
And Always Follow His Guiding Light!!

“Wishing You,
My Dearest Friend,
A Happy Birthday!!
May The Lord That We Serve Bless You Today & Forever!!
Thank You For Being Such A Great Friend To Me!!”

“Happy Birthday!
May You Feel His Presence Not Only Today,
But All Throughout The Coming Years Of Your Life!!!”

“Move From Glory To Glory,
May The Almighty Save You From Evil Eyes!!
I Wish You The Happiest Of Birthdays!!”

“The Lord Bless You & Keep You!!
The Lord Make His Face To Shine On You,
And Be Gracious To You!!
The Lord Lift Up His Face Toward You,
And Give You Peace!!”

“I Call For Guardian Angels To Watch & Guide You All The Time!!
Many Happy Returns!!”

“I Pray On Your Birthday That
Your Faith In God Continues To Grow As You Grow Older,
& That You Find Comfort In God’s Love For You!!
Wishing You Many Blessings On Your Special Day!!”

“May Goodness And Mercy Accompany You Today
& All The Days Of Your Beautiful Life!!
Happy Birthday, My Dearest One!!”

“Every Day Is A Great Opportunity To Celebrate God’s Awesome Works!!
Each Day Is A Gift Of God Indeed And
Your Birthday Is A Perfect Day To Celebrate One Of His Wondrous Works,
Which Is Creating You!
Enjoy Your Special Day!!”

Happy Birthday Prayer for Boyfriend

Birthday Prayer for a Boyfriend : You can use these best prayer to thank God on the occasion of a boyfriend’s birthday and to sing during a birthday party. Use these beautiful happy birthday prayers for your Boyfriend birthday.

“Happy Birthday!
Remember That For Every Day Of Your Life
There Is Someone Taking Care Of You,
And May God Continue To Hold You
In His Gentle Hands And Bring You Peace!!”

“Every Time I Look At You,
I Silently Chant A Whisper Of Gratitude To God
For Having Someone Like You In My Life!
Happy Birthday!”

“I Declare That Excellence & Greatness
Will Always Surround You!
And Above All,
God Bless You Now & Forever!!”

“It Brings Me So Much Joy
To Celebrate Your Birthday With You!
I Pray That Our God Blesses You &
Wraps His Mighty Arms Of Protection Around You
On This Extra Special Day & Forever!”

“Faith Is Said To Be
The Seed Of Inspiration!
Happiest Birthday To Someone
Who Never Stop Inspiring Me!!”

“On This Special Day,
I Would Like To Let You Know
Once Again Just How Special You Are In My Life!
I Pray That The Lord Blesses You
With A Happy & Fulfilling Life!!”

“I Pray That
You Will Never Cease To See The Goodness Of God In Your Life &
Family On This Day Of Your Birth &
Onwards, Amen!!”

“This Is My Prayer To You :-
I Ask For Gods Unconditional Love & Blessings Upon You
As You Celebrate This Special Season
In Which You Were Ushered Into This World!
I Wish You All The Best In Life!”

“On Your Birthday,
I Pray That Your Day Is Filled With Joy & Peace,
& I Give Thanks To God For
All That You Bring To My Life!!”

“May You Know Nothing
But Happiness From This Day Onward!
May God Protect & Keep You!
Have A Very Happy Birthday!!”

“On Your Special Day,
I Wish That Your Faith
Would Make You Even Stronger!
I Love You &
No Matter What You’re Going Through,
I Will Always Be Here For You!
Happy Birthday!!”

“You Know,
How Being Around Some People Can Make You Feel At Peace?
Thank You For Being There For Me!
On Your Birthday,
I Pray That Our Bonds Stay Like This Forever!!”

“I Pray For You That All
The Gold & Wealth Of The Earth Be Your Portion
As You Grow Older Today!!
That As The Wealth Of Kings &
The Beauty Of Flowers In The Open Field
That You Will Be Adorned With Riches!!”

“Celebrate This Fantastic Day With The Knowledge
That The Almighty God Guides & Watches You As You Journey Through Life!
Have A Wonderful Day Full Of Memories That
You Will Cherish All Your Life!!”

Happy Birthday Prayer for GirlFriend

Birthday Prayer for GirlFriend : You can use these best prayer to thank God on the occasion of a girlfriend‘s birthday and to sing during a girlfriend birthday party. Use these beautiful happy birthday prayers for your girlfriend birthday.

“I Declare,
Move Into The Realm Of Envy-Provoking Success In Jesus Name!
Happy Birthday, My Love!!”

“May All Your Inheritances
In Christ Be Released Unto You In Jesus Name!
Wish You God’s Blessings!
Happy Birthday, SweatHeart!!”

“May God Bless You
With All Of The Wonderful Desires Of Your Heart &
Bless You To Keep The Many Blessings That You Already Have!
Happy Birthday, Dear SweatHeart!!”

“The Passion Of Love
I Have For You Will Never Fade!
You Will Always Remain To Be My One & Only!
May This Birthday Bring Everlasting Joy In Your Life!
Happy Birthday, Dear!!”

“Happy Birthday,
To You My Dream Girl!
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
Have A Lot Of Fun & Joys!”

“May God Liberate You Wherever
You Need Liberation In Jesus Name!
Happy Birthday, Honey!!”

“Prayers Are The Best Gift
We Could Ever Give To A Loved One!!
It’s Your Birthday Today &
I Pray For You That
You Will Be A Ruler Of Many Nations!!
May Nations Bow Before Your Feet! Amen!
Happy Birthday Love!!”

“I Have The Most Precious Thing
That Life Can Offer To Anyone!
I Have You,
The Most Beautiful,
Gorgeous And Loveable Girl In The World!
Happy Birthday!”

“I Will Never Be Tired Of Loving You!
Today, I Wish You Have The –
Brightest & Most Colourful Celebration Of Your Birthday!
I Love You, Honey!!”

“May The Lord Grant You
The Desires Of Your Heart!
Happy Birthday, SweatHeart Girl Friend!!”


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