Wish you too Meaning in English with Examples

Wish you too Meaning

“Wish you too” is a phrase used to reciprocate good wishes that someone has expressed to you. It is a simple way of saying “Thank you” and returning the same good wishes to the person who has just wished you something positive. For example, if someone says “Have a great day!” you can respond with “Wish you too!” to return the good wishes and express your hope that the person has a great day as well. It is a polite and friendly way of acknowledging someone’s kind words and expressing your appreciation for them.

Examples for “Wish you too”

Here are five examples of “Wish you too” phrases:

  1. “Happy New Year! Wish you too!”
  2. “Enjoy your vacation! Wish you too!”
  3. “Have a safe journey! Wish you too!”
  4. “Good luck on your exam! Wish you too!”
  5. “Hope you have a nice weekend! Wish you too!”