How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos : Nowadays everyone has a selfie craze, that is why we take many photos throughout the day and store them online or offline in our mobile. Most people have Android Mobile, which has Google Photos App to store photos online, which is completely free. In Google Photos, you can store several GB of photos and videos online store.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos
How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

The photos and videos that we store in Google Photos by backup, we can use them when needed. For example, if we lose our mobile or we have to format our mobile for some reason, in these cases we can protect our photos through Google Photos.

It has also been observed that due to any mistake our many photos get deleted from Google Photos. Photos that we did not want to delete, if they are accidentally deleted, we get upset. We start thinking how to bring them back. Due to lack of information, we are not able to recover those photos. But you should know that if photos stored in Google Photos are accidentally deleted, you can bring them back. Today we will give you complete information about Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos so that you too can recover your deleted photos.

You do not need to do anything special to get the deleted photos from Google Photos, nor do you need to bother. Just for this you have to use a trick, the information of which is given below. Let’s know how to Recover if the photos stored in Google Photos are deleted by mistake.

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This trick also has a limit. Let us know that there is a Trash option in Google, using which you can bring back your Deleted Photos. But any photos in Google Photos Trash remain in store for only 60 days after delete. If you want that photo again, you can restore it again within 60 days. But after 60 days your deleted photo gets deleted from Google Server for Permanent, then you cannot bring it back. That is, after 60 days, those photos are automatically deleted by Trash or just like Google Server itself. If you use Android Mobile, then this is your work tips.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos in Android Mobile

  • If you want to recover your deleted photos, first open Google Photos in your mobile.
  • In Google Photos App, you will see a three-lined Menu option on the right side, click on it.
  • On clicking in Menu Option, you will see the complete list of Menu Library of Google Photos.
  • Click in the ‘Trash’ or ‘Bin’ option in the menu list.
  • Clicking ‘Trash’ or ‘Bin’ will bring all the deleted photos to you.
  • Now select the photos you want to bring back.
  • After selecting photos, click on Restore Button provided.
  • After clicking on Restore Button, deleted photos from Google Photos will come back again. This way you can recover deleted photos from Google Photos.
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How to Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos in iPhone

If you use Google Photos on an iPhone, and if a photo is accidentally deleted from the iPhone’s Google Photos App, follow the steps below to recover those photos.

Let us know that the design and feature of Google Photos App is the same for both platforms [Android & iOS]. So if you want to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos App available in your iPhone, then follow the steps we told to Android users to Recover Photos above. iPhone users can easily recover deleted photos from Google Photos by following the steps mentioned above. Keep in mind that the limit of ‘Trash’ or ‘Bin’ of Google Photos is only for 60 days. So after 60 days you cannot do any Photo Recover.

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