How do you say this in Polish? cadenasser un vélo

To say “ride a bike” in Polish, you can use the phrase “jeździć na rowerze.” Here’s a breakdown of the phrase and its components:

  1. Jeździć: This is the verb “to ride” or “to drive” in Polish. It’s used for various forms of transportation, including bikes, cars, and other vehicles. The conjugation “jeździć” is used for the third person singular (he/she/it rides/drives) or for general statements.
  2. Na: This is a preposition meaning “on” or “onto” in English. It’s used to indicate the mode of transportation or the surface on which the action is performed. In this case, it specifies that the riding is done “on” a bike.
  3. Rowerze: This is the noun “bike” or “bicycle” in Polish. The word “rower” means “bike,” and by adding the suffix “-e” and the locative case ending “-ze,” it becomes “rowerze,” indicating “on a bike.”

So, when combined, “jeździć na rowerze” literally translates to “to ride on a bike” or simply “to ride a bike” in English. It’s a common phrase used to express the action of riding a bicycle in Polish.

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