Mantra Jaap Vidhi : Do you also make a mistake in chanting mantras, know what is the right way

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Mantra Jaap Vidhi : While worshiping God, we all do dhoop-aarti as well as chant mantras. Just as we bow our head in front of him while performing darshan of God, in the same way, we should keep some things in mind while chanting mantras.

Mantra Jaap Vidhi : Today we are going to tell you “Mantra Jaap Vidhi“. In Hinduism, “Mantra Chanting or Mantra Jaap” is considered very meaningful.Many people do Mantra Jaap. But people do not know how to do Mantra Jaap. Today we are going to tell you Mantra Jaap Vidhi in this post, so that you can do Mantra Jaap without making a mistake.

Mantra Jaap Vidhi, how to chant malas, Mantra Jaap kaise Kare
Mantra Jaap Vidhi, how to chant malas, Mantra Jaap kaise Kare

If you also want to know Mantra Jaap Vidhi, then read this post completely. Let’s know Mantra Jaap Vidhi

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Mantra Jaap Vidhi : How to do Mantra Jaap in Right Way

If we do not chant lawfully while sitting in front of God while chanting mantras (Mantra Jaap), then the effect of the mantras is reduced. In this case, if you want to chant, then you can do the following way….

Do chanting of mantras in this way : Mantra Jaap Vidhi

First of all you have to lay a pure woolen pedestal on the ground.

Then sit doing Padmasana or Sukhasana. Do not bend the waist and keep the face straight.

Before using the garland, wash it with pure water and apply tilak.

It is necessary to have a fixed number to chant.

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While chanting the garland, you should keep your face facing east.

The goods have to be held in the right hand. Start turning the fingers with the tip of the thumb.

Do not touch the nail on the garland.

Do not use plastic beads.

Do not look around when you chant malas and chant mantras.

While holding the garland, do not keep it below the navel and the garland should not go above the nose.

Keep the garland 4 fingers away from the chest.

Keep eyes in front of God while you are chanting. You can also turn a blind eye.

The part above the rosary should not be crossed while chanting. Whenever you reach Sumeru, return immediately.

Make sure that the garland does not fall down while chanting. After the chanting is over, place the garland on the pedestal or in the box.

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Chanting the mantra without resolution gives no results.

Conclusion of Mantra Jaap Vidhi

We hope you liked the post Mantra Jaap Vidhi. If you like the information of Mantra Jaap Vidhi, then definitely share it in social media, so that other people can also get the right information about Mantra Jaap Vidhi.

It is very important to do Mantra Jaap in the right way. If you do Mantra Jaap the wrong way, then it will harm you and that’s why we have given you the information of Mantra Jaap Vidhi in this post. So that by doing Mantra Jaap in the right way, you can live a happy life.

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सोशल मीडिया में शेयर करें

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