Nuvola Meaning, Definition, Examples, Pronunciation

Nuvola Meaning:

“Nuvola” is an Italian word that translates to “cloud” in English. It refers to a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.

Nuvola Definition:

In meteorology, a nuvola is defined as a visible mass of water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air, often appearing as white or gray patches in the sky. Clouds play a crucial role in the Earth’s climate system, influencing weather patterns and reflecting sunlight.

How to Pronounce ‘Nuvola’:

The pronunciation of “nuvola” in Italian is ˈnuː To pronounce it, follow these steps:

  • Begin with the sound “noo” as in “noon.”
  • Then, pronounce “voh” as in “vote.”
  • Finally, end with “la” as in “laundry.”

Nuvola Examples & Sentences:

Here are the examples and sentences with their English translations:

Guarda quella nuvola bianca che fluttua nel cielo.Look at that white cloud floating in the sky.
Oggi il cielo è coperto da un’immensa nuvola grigia.Today the sky is covered by a huge gray cloud.
Quando ero bambino, mi piaceva cercare forme strane nelle nuvole.When I was a child, I used to enjoy looking for strange shapes in the clouds.
Le nuvole scure annunciano la pioggia imminente.The dark clouds announce the imminent rain.
Durante il viaggio in aereo, abbiamo sorvolato una nuvola enorme.During the plane journey, we flew over a huge cloud.
La nuvola di fumo si levava in alto sopra il camino della fabbrica.The smoke cloud rose high above the factory chimney.
L’artista dipinse un cielo azzurro punteggiato da nuvole bianche.The artist painted a sky dotted with white clouds.
In campagna, il sole filtrava attraverso le nuvole sparse, creando un’atmosfera magica.In the countryside, the sun filtered through scattered clouds, creating a magical atmosphere.
Le nuvole rosa al tramonto sembravano dipinte da un pennello celeste.The pink clouds at sunset seemed to be painted by a celestial brush.
Quando il vento spazza via le nuvole, il cielo diventa limpido e luminoso.When the wind clears away the clouds, the sky becomes clear and bright.

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