Trivial Meaning, Definition & Examples

Trivial Meaning/Definition: The word “trivial” is an adjective that describes something of little importance or significance. It refers to matters that are not serious, significant, or worthy of attention. How to Pronounce ‘Trivial’: The pronunciation of “trivial” is [ˈtrɪviəl], with the stress on the first syllable: TRIV-ee-ul. Trivial Antonyms: Trivial Synonyms: Origin of Trivial: The […]

Consequential Meaning & Definition

Consequential Meaning and Definition: The word “consequential” is an adjective that describes something that has significant importance, influence, or consequence. It refers to events, actions, or decisions that lead to important or significant outcomes. In other words, it describes things that have far-reaching effects or implications. For example, in a legal context, a “consequential damages

Inconsequential Meaning in English, Definition, Examples

Inconsequential Meaning and Definition: Inconsequential (adjective) Inconsequential refers to something lacking significance, importance, or relevance. It denotes things that are trivial, unimportant, or irrelevant in a particular context. How to Pronounce Inconsequential: The word “inconsequential” is pronounced as /ɪnˌkɑnsɪˈkwɛnʃəl/ or in-kuhn-se-kwen-shuhl. Inconsequential Antonyms: Inconsequential Synonyms: Origin of Inconsequential: The word inconsequential originated from the Latin

Pleasantry Meaning, Definition, Examples

Pleasantry Meaning: A pleasantry is a polite remark or gesture, often used to initiate or maintain social interaction in a pleasant or light-hearted manner. It is a courteous expression intended to create a friendly atmosphere or to acknowledge someone in a positive way. Pleasantry Definition: A light-hearted or amusing remark or action; an act or

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