Trivial Issues Meaning, Definition, Examples, Pronunciation

Trivial Issues Meaning:

Trivial issues refer to matters or problems that are of little importance or significance. These are typically minor concerns that do not warrant much attention or serious consideration. Trivial issues are often inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and may not have a significant impact on one’s life or the world at large.

Trivial Issues Definition:

Trivial issues are those that are trivial or unimportant in nature. They are usually easily resolved and do not require extensive deliberation or effort to address. Trivial issues may arise in various aspects of life, such as personal relationships, work environments, or everyday situations.

How to Pronounce ‘Trivial Issues’:

  • Trivial: /ˈtrɪviəl/ (TRIV-ee-uhl)
  • Issues: /ˈɪʃuːz/ (ISH-ooz)


  1. Forgetting to buy milk at the grocery store is a trivial issue that can easily be rectified.
  2. Arguing over which movie to watch is a trivial issue compared to the broader challenges facing society.
  3. Minor disagreements between coworkers about office temperature are considered trivial issues in the workplace.
  4. A scratched phone screen, while frustrating, is ultimately a trivial issue in comparison to more serious problems one might face.
  5. Bickering over small details during a family gathering is an example of trivial issues that can detract from the overall enjoyment of the event.

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