Trivially Meaning in English (Definition, Examples)

Trivially Meaning:

Trivially is an adverb that means something is done in a manner that is simple, easy, or without much effort. It implies that the task or action is straightforward and of little significance or importance.

Trivially Definition:

In a trivial manner; done without much difficulty or significance.

How to Pronounce ‘Trivially’:

Trivially is pronounced as “triv-ee-uh-lee.” The stress is typically on the second syllable, “vee.”

Trivially Antonyms:

  1. Complicatedly
  2. Difficultly
  3. Complexly

Trivially Synonyms:

  1. Easily
  2. Simply
  3. Effortlessly
  4. Casually
  5. Lightly

Origin of Trivially:

The word “trivially” originates from the Latin word “trivialis,” which means “belonging to the crossroads” or “commonplace.” In ancient times, the term referred to things found at the crossroads, which were often considered ordinary or insignificant.

Trivially Examples:

  1. She solved the math problem trivially, as it was just basic addition.
  2. The task of organizing the files was completed trivially; it hardly took any effort.
  3. He dismissed her concerns trivially, not realizing their importance.
  4. The software glitch was trivially fixed with a simple update.

Trivially Verb Forms:

Verb FormPresentPastPast ParticiplePresent Participle/Gerund
Base Formtrivialtrivialled/trivialetrivialled/trivialledtrivialling/trivialing
3rd Person Singulartrivialstrivialled/trivialledtrivialled/trivialledtrivialling/trivialing
Present Participle/Gerundtrivialling/trivialingtrivialling/trivialingtrivialling/trivialingtrivialling/trivialing

These verb forms reflect how actions related to “trivially” can be described in different tenses and forms, such as trivialling (present participle) or trivialled (past tense).

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