Vastu Tips for Debt Relief : If you are troubled by paying the debt, then these Vastu tips will give you relief from debt

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Vastu Tips for Debt Relief : The importance of Vishnu Shastra in Hinduism continues to this day. Which helps us to make our home according to Vastu so that we and our family can live a happy and peaceful life together.

We all have a life full of problems. The reason for everyone’s trouble is also different. If anyone is worried about the daughter’s marriage, they have to take a loan on their head. There is a problem in all of this.

vastu shastra, vastu tips for debt relief
vastu shastra, vastu tips for debt relief

Talking about the present, we have to take a loan from the bank for whatever work we do. Credit is directly related to a person’s financial condition. Generally, a person takes a loan whose financial position is not very strong.

You are reading Vastu Tips for Debt Relief.

Many times a person tries to eliminate debt, but still the debt does not end. Life passes to repay the debt, but the debt does not end.

According to Vastu principles, if you do not have a house or shop, it will definitely prove difficult for you to get rid of debt. So let’s know Some tips related to Vastu, who can definitely get relief from debt.

This measure of Vastu will provide relief from debt

Wall Height : vastu shastra, vastu tips for debt relief

Vastu Tips for Debt Relief : The south direction wall of your house should be higher than the North direction wall. If it is not due to any reason, then money will come to your house, but the money will not be saved. Also, repayment of loan will not be possible. If a high wall is built in the north direction, then make it smaller.

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Build a high wall in the South. The higher the slope towards the North and east direction, the more your property will increase. At the same time, if you are more worried about debt then make a slope towards the Northeast direction, debt will be released.

Underground tanks or wells : vastu shastra, vastu tips for debt relief

Vastu Tips for Debt Relief : If you have underground tanks, wells or taps in the Southwest or south direction of your house, there will be loss of money. If you are like this in a house, remove them immediately and build an underground tank or tanks in the Northeast part. The underground tank must be at least 2 to 3 feet deep.

If you are buying a plot, keep in mind that do not buy a building that is enclosed between two buildings or a buried plot between heavy buildings. This indicates poverty.

The East and north direction should always be light. The centre of the house should be completely empty. It should not contain any heavy goods. Also, do not build tanks etc under the ground. If this happens, you will not get rid of debt. The middle position should be kept clean. Always keep it high.

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Plant a basil plant here. The North and south walls of the house should be completely straight. No corner should be sliced. If the glass is located in the South or west direction, then this position is indicative of debt. Therefore the mirror should be placed on the North or east wall or on the north-east direction wall.

Mirror in Home : vastu shastra, vastu tips for debt relief

Vastu Tips for Debt Relief : Mirrors should be clean, light and large. This proves beneficial. This eliminates debt and boosts business. North-east direction of the house increases mental peace and business. Do not build the ladder of the house adjacent to the East or north wall.

Stairs should be constructed in the South and west directions. The ladder should always move in a clockwise direction. The first pedestal of the stairway is not visible from the main gate. This leads to loss of money.

house of worship : vastu shastra, vastu tips for debt relief

Vastu Tips for Debt Relief : The house of worship should be built in the north-east, north or east direction. Incense sticks should be lit in the fire instinct of the house of worship. If the temple is of wood, it should not be placed near the wall.

There should be no broken utensils, broken utensils in the house. Food should not be eaten in a broken vessel. This increases debt. If there is a tree, telephone, electric pole in front of your main door or building, or it is facing shadows, remove it soon. Such things do not come to Lakshmi at home.

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Conclusion of Vastu Tips for Debt Relief

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