Vastu Tips : Tortoise is a symbol of wealth and fame, know how your luck can change

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Vastu Tips : Turtle has been used as an architectural remedy since ancient times. In the ancient temples we experience immense peace, the main reason is the establishment of the turtle in the centre of the temple.

It is said that wherever it is kept, there comes happiness-prosperity-peace. Nowadays many people keep turtle statue at home.

Vastu Tips, Tortoise is a symbol of wealth and fame
Vastu Tips, Tortoise is a symbol of wealth and fame

According to Fengshui and Vastu Shastra, turtles made of metal, clay, wood and rhinestone or crystal are considered very good for Vastu.

Significance of turtle statue at home

According to Vastu, the tortoise not only gives a long life, but it also gives you wealth and fame if it is placed in the right place at home or work place.

Astrologist Anish Vyas

Crystal Turtle or Rhinestone Turtle : Significance of Crystal Turtle : Vastu Tips

It provides meaning fulness of life as well as safety. The tortoise is an effective device, which removes Vastu dosha and brings prosperity. It is considered more effective to keep a crystal-built tortoise in Vastu Shastra and Fengshui.

Keeping it at home includes success as well as wealth. If you have been struggling with financial crisis for a long time and after taking many measures, you are not getting any option, then you can keep a turtle made of rhinestone (Crystal) in the house. Keep it in the North direction of the house and the mouth should be inward.

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If you are a businessman, place a crystal turtle in the North direction of your establishment. By doing this, you get wealth and success in business. Success in work is found quickly.

Metal turtle – Significance of Metal turtle : Vastu Tips

It is considered auspicious to place a metal turtle in a house or business place made of brass, silver, copper or ash metal. This brings positive energy to the house and also removes Vastu defects (Vastu Dosh). Keeping a metal turtle at home helps solve many problems.

Even after working hard, if you are not getting success in career, then you should keep a metal turtle in the North direction of your house. Keeping the metal turtle in this direction keeps the atmosphere of the house positive, the mood of the family members is also good.

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By keeping a picture of the turtle at the main entrance of the house, there is peace in the family. It removes tribulation and negative things away from home.

Often a member of the house is constantly ill and does not improve health even when taking medicines etc, then put a picture of the turtle in the Southeast direction of the house.

Vastu Tips, Significance of turtle in Vastu Shastra
Vastu Tips, Significance of turtle in Vastu Shastra

This does not bring diseases in the home and does not affect the evil eye at home. The tortoise also eliminates eye defects.

Clay tortoise – Significance of Clay turtle : Vastu Tips

If the turtle is made of clay, it should be kept in the north-east direction, central or south-west direction. By doing this it gives the best results.

By keeping the turtle in the house, the flow of energy in life remains constant and the fluctuations in life are reduced. Keeping it at home brings peace, harmony, longevity and money in life.

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Baby turtle on the turtle back – Vastu Tips

Turtles are kept in the house for ‘good luck‘. But a special type of female turtle, which also has baby turtles on its back, is a symbol of reproduction. In a house where there is no child or the couple is deprived of child happiness, keeping such a turtle in their house can give beneficial results.

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सोशल मीडिया में शेयर करें

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