How to use UTS App (UTS Application) for Digital Railway Ticket (General Class).Today we will give you information about how to buy General Ticket using Railway’s UTS App. If you want to know how to use UTS application, then read this article carefully.

The Government of India encourages people to move towards a cashless economy. The work of making India’s economy cashless can be achieved using Mobile Payment Apps, Debit card, Credit Card, Electronic Payment Gateway (IMPS, NEFT and RTGS).

What is UTS App, How to book unreserved tickets from UTS Mobile app
What is UTS App, How to book unreserved tickets from UTS Mobile app

Today we are going to tell in this post how to book railway tickets through the UTS app. Booking unreserved tickets with UTS apps is very simple. If you want to book unreserved train tickets from your mobile, then it is necessary to have UTS app of railway in your mobile.


UTS Apps : As you all know that most of the rail is used for traveling in India. But sometimes we do not get railway reservation to travel, then at that time we have to travel in general coach. For this, you have to take unreserved ticket, which is available at the station itself. But for general tickets (unreserved ticket) are very crowded, in such a situation, if you want unreserved railway tickets quickly and without any hassle, then you have to use UTS apps for this.

Indian Railways also offers the facility to book unreserved tickets online. For this, Railways has launched Mobile Application (UTS App). This application was first launched in Mumbai. This app is completely free for users.

With this railway’s UTS app, unreserved tickets of the railway can be booked across the country. There are two modes in the app for booking unreserved tickets of railway from UTS app.

Let’s know, How to book Railway General (unreserved) ticket from UTS app? What is UTS App?

What is UTS App : Railway UTS App

UTS Mobile app – Many people who do not know about UTS App. Today we will tell you about the UTS App. UTS App is a mobile ticketing apps of Indian Railway, which provides us the facility to book unreserved tickets online from our mobiles. Let us know that these apps are designed to book unreserved tickets.

What is the difference between reserved and unreserved ticket

Let’s know the difference between reserved and unreserved ticket.

Railway Reserved Ticket means a reserved ticket that we book for AC or Sleeper Boogie in advance, a confirmed berth is allotted to you by railway, which no one else can use except you.

Whereas the railway’s unreserved ticket means the unreserved ticket, that is the ticket we use to buy one or two hours before the train timings to travel in the general bogie of the railway. You can take unreserved ticket of railway only 3 hours before the arrival of the train. That is, if you booked unreserved ticket 3 hours ago, then it will not be valid.

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How ‘UTS on mobile App’ works, How does UTS Apps work?

To book unreserved tickets from UTS app, you have to download ‘UTS on Mobile App’ from Google Play Store or Apple Store in your smartphone. Once the app is downloaded, you will have to register your mobile number with it.

Now to book tickets, you have to enter the name of the station from where you are starting your journey and where you want to go. Keep in mind that the UTS app will work only up to 20 meters away from the station.

UTS App, Unreserved Ticket Book Online
UTS App, Unreserved Ticket Book Online

That is, you have to be 20 meters away from the station to buy unreserved tickets from UTS. If you are more than 20 meters away from the station, you will not be able to book unreserved tickets from UTS.

After entering the name of the station, the ticket price will come in front of you and the payment option will come. For unreserved ticket, you can pay by digital payment like your debit or credit card, or with railway wallet. Keep in mind that with the UTS app you can book tickets only on the day of travel, not in advance.

How to book unreserved tickets from UTS Mobile apps, How to Use UTS Apps

To book unreserved tickets from UTS Mobile apps, you have to download UTS apps from Google play store or Apple store and install it in your mobile, after that you have to register in that apps.

With these apps, you can book tickets within 20 meters of the station or within 5 kilo meters. For example, if you want to book unreserved tickets from Bhopal station, then you must stay close to Bhopal station.

Let us tell you how to book unreserved tickets from UTS mobile app

  • First, Install the UTS mobile app from the Google play store or Apple Store in your mobile.
  • Now open the UTS mobile app. In this, the option of Sign Up will appear, by clicking on which first create your account. And register your number.
  • After this, an OTP will appear on your mobile number, enter this OTP and verify your UTS account.
  • Now you will have a second step of registration, in which you have to select Train Type, Payment Type and Default Train class. After that you have to click on Next. Train type will have some option shows like Ordinary (this is for passenger train), Mail/EXP (this is for express train), Super fast (this is for super fast train).
  • Now in the third step you have to select the ticket type, adult and child. You can choose the travel in the ticket type. If you are moving from your place to another place then select travel. Select as many adults as you are going to, and if a child is going with you, select in the child section. Then click on Next.
  • Now you will be asked to choose the station in the fourth stage from where you want to book your ticket. You can leave it now. As soon as you leave, your mobile number and password will be sent to your registered mobile number, so that you can login to your UTS mobile app.
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Login and book unreserved tickets from UTS App >>

  • Now to login in your UTS Mobile apps, enter your mobile number and password and then click on the Login button.
  • Now after that you will have some option shows in the UTS mobile apps like Book Ticket, Cancel Ticket, Booking History, R-Wallet, Profile, Show Ticket, Logout.
  • You can book your ticket by clicking on the option of Book Ticket and if you want to cancel any ticket, click on Cancel Ticket option.
  • When booking a ticket, your mobile should have both Internet and GPS turned on.
  • After clicking on the Book Ticket in the UTS application, you have to choose your journey station and destination station.
  • Next, you need to provide information about the passenger, such as how many adults or children you want to book unreserved tickets for.
  • After doing this, the payment option will appear in front of you. Make the payment.
  • After payment you will get unreserved ticket on your mobile.

UTS App Ticket Booking Rules, Ticket booking rules in UTS app

If you want to know the UTS App Ticket Booking Rules, then read the information given below carefully. Let us tell you about the UTS App Ticket Booking Rules.

These are The UTS App Ticket Booking Rules.

  • To book tickets with the UTS app, you need to be 20-30 meters from the station.
  • You cannot book any ticket from the UTS App while traveling in the train.
  • The UTS App works using GPS, so while booking unreserved ticket you will have to turn on the location of your mobile.
  • Mobile location is used by UTS App to measure your distance from railway track. Due to this, neither you can book inside the train coach.
  • After booking the ticket, you can see the ticket in your UTS mobile app.
  • To book unreserved tickets from the UTS app, you have to be within 5 km radius from the station. If you are far from it, you cannot book tickets from UTS.
  • If for some reason your ticket is not shown in your UTS mobile apps or for some reason you are not able to show that ticket to the TTE, then you will be treated as traveling without ticket.
  • With the UTS app, you have to make digital payment to book an unreserved ticket.
  • You cannot transfer unreserved tickets booked from UTS App to anyone else. Only you have to use this ticket.
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Benefits of UTS Mobile App – Benefit of Paperless Unreserved Railway Ticket Book UTS app

  • UTS app users will get rid of long queues at the window to buy unreserved tickets.
  • Booking unreserved railway tickets through the UTS app will make the ticket paperless, it will also protect the environment.
  • UTS app will eliminate the fear of losing tickets
  • With UTS app you can show tickets to TTE from a mobile app without internet.
  • The ticket booking service from UTS Apps is cashless. This will give a boost to digital payments in the country.
  • Unreserved tickets for long distance trains can also be booked through the UTS app.
  • On booking Unreserved tickets with UTS apps, you will get the option to pay by rail wallet, debit / credit card, net banking, UPI or e-wallet.
  • If you book unreserved tickets using the UTS app, and pay for it with a rail wallet, you will also get a 5 percent discount on booking unreserved tickets.

Download Railway UTS App, Free Download UTS Apps, UTS APK Download

If you want to download UTS App (UTS APK Download), below is the link of UTS App (UTS APK Download), by which you can download UTS App.

You can also download and install UTS App (UTS APK) in your mobile from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

UTS APK Direct Download Link for Android User and iPhone User are given below :

Benefits of Cashless Economy

  • Cash carrying losses are avoided.
  • Facilitates accurate payment and reduces transaction costs.
  • Facility in payment and management of utility bills, purchases and other financial transactions.
  • This helps in authenticating financial transactions and maintaining proper records to facilitate better tax compliance and broaden the tax base.
  • Digital payment indirectly reduces spending by reducing the need for printing and transporting currency notes.
  • Electronic transactions help curb corruption and black money flow, which helps in the economic growth of the country.
  • Reduced use of cash prevents money laundering and better tax compliance.
  • Increasing tax base will generate more revenue for the government for public welfare activities.

Therefore, the Government of India is promoting a cashless economy. Railways also supporting the government in creating a cashless economy, for this, the Railways has launched the UTS app. With the help of UTS app, you can also buy General Railway Tickets from your mobile.

Conclusion of UTS App, How to Book unreserved tickets online from UTS App

In this post we explained how to book unreserved tickets online from UTS mobile app. I hope you liked this post. Do share this post with your friends.